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Private Japanese lessons curated for those looking to learn Japanese by focusing on their interests!

New Name, Same Team

A message for Manabi Learning Academy students.

First Time Learner

If you're looking to start from the beginning, you've come to the right place. Tell us your interests, and we'll build a learning plan that revolves around it. We'll take you through the basics and help you get started in learning what you love most about Japan.

Build on your Skills

You have experience learning Japanese but, you want to take a step further to master your skills.

Learn the finer details of the language that's unique to your field of interest, so that you're able to master your craft and explore your interests!

Traveling to Japan

Your curiosity got the best of you and you're now planning a trip to Japan. Make sure you get the most out of your adventures by learning the basics of traveller's Japanese. Making the effort to speak Japanese to the locals are well received & appreciated!


If you’re looking to test your skills, or study abroad in Japan, you may need to try the Japanese Language Proficiency Test.  We focus on the 4 skills that are assessed: Kanji, Grammar, Listening, and Reading. Build up your confidence to ace the exam!

Choose the Right Class for your Goals

We are committed to delivering the highest of quality when it comes to virtual classes. When you sign up, we design a lesson plan that revolves around your interests or goals which keeps your motivation high! In addition to the concepts taught in textbooks, we provide deep insights into the fascinating culture of Japan to give you a more thorough understanding of the language's context of use. 

Tailored Online Private Japanese Lessons

Tailored Learning Plans

From Kids to Seniors, we create a learning plan that best suits your needs, pace, and goals. At SORA, we highly value the art of human communication in Japanese that are often excluded from proficiency exams / other traditional language schools. Thus, we continue to support students of over 10 years that wish to master the language fluency beyond their initial goals.

Designated Instructors

Our primary mission is to provide the best learning experience for each and every student. By having one designated instructor that truly understands your skills, goals, and learning styles, we aim to make your learning journey as efficient, convenient, and effective as possible.

Language Through Culture

We strongly believe that Japanese is best acquired through the cultural context and background of Japanese traditions. On top of the textbook concepts, we dive deeper into the fascinating culture of Japan which will give you a more thorough understanding of the context in which you use the language.


If you have any questions, concerns, or general inquiries about our Japanese lessons, please don't hesitate to reach out via the contact form. We look forward to chatting with you!

What's up in Japan? 

Check out trending news and topics from Japan!

Signing up is a simple 2 step process!

Step 1:
Tell us a little bit about yourself and your learning goals. What inspires you to learn? Will you be travelling soon?
We'll use that information to create your tailored lesson plan. 

Step 2: Once we prepare your plan, we'll discuss schedules and assign you your dedicated instructor.


That's it! Through time, you will be able to develop your skills and achieve your goal with the instructor that understands you the best. 

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